In 1987 the world’s largest language educational network was born. Starting with one simple school, a great educational network began to be built, and went beyond boundaries.

With a completely different methodology, Wizard bets on courses that follow the specific characteristics of each student, preparing them to take full advantage of the learning experience. This way, always looking to value the student, Wizard is the largest language educational network in the world. It has already passed the 1300 schools mark and won’t stop growing.img-about

Wizard has units in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, China and other countries. Wizard offers English, Portuguese and Spanish courses. In Brazil it also teaches German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French and also English in Braille. The Wizard students have the opportunity to get transferred and study at an international unit with the same quality, or have an immersion experience with the language that they are learning. They can practice their Spanish, studying in Costa Rica or Colombia, practice their English at the American units or Portuguese in Brazil! It’s the first school network to use the TOEIC international certification as a pedagogical model. Developed in the franchise model, the Wizard schools represent an excellent opportunity for those who want to invest in a new business.

Not only does it have a simple and easy to manage teaching method by its franchisee, the franchise also offers complete support to the entrepreneur, such as helping to prepare the school installations and giving marketing support, so he can develop his business. Wizard also constantly invests in preparing its franchisee and its teachers by means of specific training, conventions, congresses and through other initiatives like Wizard TV, a corporative channel available to the franchisee 24 hours a day.

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